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Book review- Searching for Tau Canyon

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ram, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. Ram


    Harvey Halpern, long time canyoneer and legend, is even more incompetent than I, in the cyber world. Thus he made a request for me to post his book review.

    "This is a great new book by Pat Morrow (whom I’ve corresponded with) about doing technical slots in the mid 70’s. I would love to give a shout out/review on the canyon collective but don’t know how to…"

    Customer Review
    5.0 out of 5 starsEssential reading for canyoneers
    ByHarvey Halpernon June 29, 2018
    Verified Purchase
    As a long time member of the canyoneering community I was thrilled to read this fabulous book. I first came across the authors when they did an article on slot canyons for Audubon magazine back in the 1970's, and that got me interested in exploring this unusual geography. The authors have captured exactly what it was like to be on the cutting edge of exploring this unique ecosystem. This work will reside right next to Tad Nichols "Glen Canyon: Images of a Lost World", Ed Abbey's "Desert Solitaire" and Steve Allen's guide books as THE essential works that need to be on every canyoneer's bookshelf.
  2. Bogie


    Salt Lake City
    Searching for TAO CANYON

    I have to thank Ram for his recommend. Contemporaneously exploring canyons in the 70’s, I am a little saddened that I never ran into those TAO folks. My pictures are not nearly the quality of their 40 year old Kodachromes, but my memories are still there. They just needed a little head jog and this book is it. When I read about fun hogging, VW car repair, examining aerial photos, fly over’s, kaleidoscope canyons, having time but no money, Art’s non-disclosure rule, canyon spirits, the joys of 2WD travel, Jumars & brake bars, the apprehension of unknowns, the reservoir drowning Glen Canyon, and free form desert exploring, it refreshed some of what I had misplaced while seeking my 3 letter canyon.

    Along with the beautiful pictures, it reads like I would like to write, while rendering a good description of what was, what is, and what will be, thanks to people in the Canyon Collective and other groups.

    The 70’s were a good time for “Being there.” :) A nice book.
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  3. ratagonia


    Mount Carmel, Utah
    Okay okay! I'm in!!!

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  4. Rapterman


    :D got my copy!
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