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Birch Hollow Simul-Rappel

Discussion in 'Accidents and Near Misses' started by GravityWins, May 31, 2018.

  1. GravityWins


    I got this story second hand from a person who witnessed the incident from up top. This was the first time the witness had been in a technical canyon or rappelled, so there are interesting details missing from the report. The weekend before memorial day there were plenty of groups in the canyon, as they got to one of the later 'big' raps there was a bottleneck.

    A group with young, perhaps scout age boys was at the bolted anchor helping tentative boys get down safely. As more groups piled up a group of 7-8 women opted to play through by rigging off a nearby tree. At the same time a group of 20 something males decided to rig through the existing anchor. So at the same time there were three groups trying to get down on their own ropes.

    Two of the 20 something males fed the rope through the anchor and then tossed loose coils of rope on top of their packs and fed the rope through their descenders. There didn't appear to be a block on either side of the rope (inexperienced observer). Both men started down attempting a simul-rappel, a few seconds later the rope came whipping up through the anchor and down and there was an impact. One of the men apparently fell 20 feet into a puddle, the only wet spot observed at any of the rappels. The man who fell was able to exit under his own power

    Anyone have any additional details?
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