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Best Things to See in Yellowstone

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by qedcook, Aug 31, 2021.

  1. qedcook


    What are the best things to see in Yellowstone (besides the geysers and hot springs, which I find kind of boring)?

  2. stefan

    stefan wandering utahn

    the views of the grand canyon of the yellowstone are pretty amazing
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  3. DaveWyo1


    Waterfalls in the Bechler Region.
    Mudpots at Pocket Basin.
    Go in the backcountry for solitude. The Pichstone Plateau, for example, has few visits each year.
    In the backcountry there are many good places to see the stars.
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  4. Kuenn


    Boring?? Oh contraire @qedcook, you obviously have not developed an aroma affinity for boiled eggs.

    Spent many summers as a pre-teen and teenager in that wonderfully magical place. Although time and convenience have taken away some of the best parts of YNP, it is still a wonder of the world, IMO. Sleeping in a primitive cabin at fishing bridge (now gone), butter frying rainbow or brown caught that day with a splash of lemon over a campfire...sweet Jesus those are some fond memories.

    Agree, the geyser basins can start running together, like viewing art in an art gallery. But they do have their own unique geological speleothem attraction (e.g. Mammoth HS). I think the geyser basins are best when interspersed with other activities. I prefer getting away from the throngs when possible. Like hiking, Fairy Falls (there's also a great side trail there that's off the beaten path, small geyser basin that is not part of the tourist map), Mt Washburn (having a snowball fight in the summer, a real treat depending on where you call home), the North Rim Trail, or horseback riding at Canyon, going for an endurance swim in Yellowstone Lake, and on and on.

    The wisdom of our elected officials to protect it early and make it the first National Park is still quite visionary to me.
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  5. Moab Kevin

    Moab Kevin

    I like to drive along the road and stop without pulling over because the shoulder can be quite steep. Then I use the window sill of the car to prop my elbows on while taking pictures of the fuzzy cows.

    On a less sarcastic note, I love the mud pots. Yeah yeah, popular, but okay, boiling mud man. Boiling river and Firehole are cool too if those places are still open.
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