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UT: Zion Benson Creek 6/22/13

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by 2065toyota, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. 2065toyota


    We were having a family camping trip and were staying at the Little Creek Ranch up Paragonah Canyon. I had heard about Benson Creek and since we were failrly close we decided to throw in our gear and spend Saturday morning doing a short canyon. We had my wife and my 2 kids, my sister and her 2 kids, and my buddy Luke and his wife happen to be staying in Parowan that weekend also so they decided to join us. @Oldno7 had given us some pointers on the approach which saved us substantial time on the hike in. There is a steep scree chute that goes between some impassable cliffs that leads right to a good drop in point for the technical portion of the canyon. To my surprise we found flowing water in the canyon which was a little chilly because we got a lot wetter than we had planned on with this being such a dry year. It's amazing how many of these little canyons exist to go play in. It is located up Parowan Canyon about half way to Brian Head so the temps are much cooler. If you are ever in the area it is definitely worth checking out. DSCF8186.JPG DSCF8191.JPG DSCF8193.JPG DSCF8197.JPG DSCF8207.JPG DSCF8209.JPG DSCF8212.JPG DSCF8220.JPG DSCF8226.JPG DSCF8227.JPG DSCF8233.JPG DSCF8238.JPG DSCF8248.JPG DSCF8268.JPG


    Cedar City, Utah
    Wow...i saw the date on this and was like, "what the heck!"
    then i realized you commented that on my post...i'm an idiot!
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