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Ben Hebb Days~North Wash- April 16-17

Discussion in 'Archives - Yahoo Canyons Group' started by davewyo1, Mar 1, 2011.

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    Ben Hebb Days

    When: April 16-17

    Where: North Wash Area

    What: Upclimbing canyons. Bring your own team and your own gear.

    Why: To commemorate the amazing life of Ben Hebb. Ben's first canyon was a trip down Sandthrax. His third canyon was a solo ascent of Sandthrax (the first on record). Ben died in a fall from Long's Peak in August 2010. Ben preferred going up rather than down and so we will ascend canyons that day.

    Who: Anyone who wants to give it a go. There are many canyons in the area that are relatively easy, as well as some toughies. If you need suggestions, let me know.

    We will meet at the Sandthrax Camp (MilePost 28.5-ish on Hwy 95) Saturday morning at about 7:30 to get organized. For people who choose to ascend ropes in the tough sections, you may want to set ropes early that morning. We can also plan a potluck for Sat night if anyone decides to participate.

    If interested, please contact Penny: penmartens at yahoo dot com
  2. Wow - such a great idea! What better way to honour the talent and memory of Ben?

    Kudos for coming up with this!

    After my terrible health issues making FF a washout for me, I'm yearning to get back there. Sadly, no hope of it until at least the fall...

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