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UT: Zion Beehive Surprise in Kolob

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Krampus, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. Krampus


    Hurricane, Utah
    I just wanted to get an updated trip report in on Kolob for anyone debating on doing the canyon as it's getting colder. I would say don.'t hesitate, conditions were great and the water in Kolob creek is very low so it makes the river hiking pretty pleasant. The weather was great the entire day.

    1. As we made the turn from the terrace road to the dirt road that head to the West Rim trailhead, the field on the north side was frosted over. That concerned me a bit but we had planned for cold water since the canyon is always in shade.

    2. The hike to the canyon start point was marred with an encounter with a beehive and vicious attack. I got stung 6-7 times. Two other guys got 3 stings and the only guy in the group allergic to bee stings escaped with none. I've never been stung like that before, so we waited at the canyon start before dropping in to make sure we didn't have any reactions to the stings. We waited about a half hour, popped a Benadryl and dropped into the canyon. We started at about 0830.

    3. The water flow was pretty slow. I don't think it was even 3 CFS. There was just enough to have flowing water over the raps which made it fun but not risky at all.

    4. By the last rap, one of our guys started getting cold and shivering uncontrollably. We had him doing jumping jacks and moving as much as possible. He was second down the last rap and got him moving down canyon as fast as possible to get his core temp back up. He started feeling better by the time we hit the junction with Kolob Creek.

    5. Hiking the river was nice. You could see everything you were stepping on so the hike to MIA exit was fast and easy.

    6. MIA was miserable as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary to report.
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