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Badger Canyon

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Erik B., Apr 19, 2014.

  1. Erik B.

    Erik B. Thirsty for canyon...

    Bellingham, Wa
    After 6 LONG canyonless months my Seattle crew finally made it back down to the desert for 11 days of adventure in the North Wash, Grand Canyon, and Buckskin/Paria! Wheels down in SLC and thus begun the rat race of baggage collection, rental cars, & supply shopping. We were off like a shot and managed to squeeze in a lap through Zero G on the way down to the North Wash. The next two days we ran through one of the Leps, Blarneys, & No Kidding.

    After a LLLAATE night drive down to the Page Area, we gave the Grand Canyon a shot with the Left Fork of Badger Canyon. It was radically different than anything we had been through before!

    One thing of note: Badger Canyon has two exits: One upstream and One downstream of its confluence with the Colorado. We elected for the downstream escape after studying the Beta. One thing that had never crossed our minds was how difficult it would be to escape from the GRAND CANYON!!! I should have been more obvious. We boulderhopped our way downstream to the next drainage (the exit) and were met with improbible looking vertical sandstone. hmm... after getting closer and consulting the beta again there was indeed a series of terraces that were staggered with intermittent low 5th class climbing. Wasnt expecting that....

    Another striking thing about the canyon and the Colorado was the abundance of fossils. It is apparent how ancient everything around you is down there. AMAZING!

    DSCN7783.JPG DSCN8418. DSCN8423.
    DSC08334. DSCN8424. DSCN8434. DSC08347. DSCN8461.JPG DSCN8474.

    Here is the ENTIRE trip video (North Wash, Badger, Buckskin/Paria). A few more pictures concerning this post are from ~ 6:10-7:00.

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