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Astral TR1 Merge durability

Discussion in 'Tech Tips and Gear' started by BKR, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. BKR


    I picked up a pair of Astral TR1 Merge shoes/boots last fall. Did about 6 days worth of canyons in them - all dry ones and fairly squeezy and involving some stemming. The sole of the left shoe was basically falling apart at that point (see photos). I'm not sure if my experience is typical - I'm heavier than most (200 lbs before clothes & gear) so I put more stress on shoes. OTOH I was able to use a set of 5.10 Savants and 5.10 Canyoneer 3's for quiiiite a bit longer than that with no problems, so I tend to think it's either the shoe design or a defective sample.

    Other than the durability, they seem to be pretty OK shoes. Traction on dry rock was pretty good, though not as good as 5.10's IMO. The soles are a little on the thin side, but good enough. I did some pretty solid hikes in them with minimal problems, including a 9.5 mile on-trail walk yesterday after a liberal application of Shoe Goo.

    IMG_20200606_113648_PANO. IMG_20200606_113630_PANO. IMG_20200606_114053_PANO.
  2. RobbyB


    Are you left foot heavy when you are stemming? also, are the photos of the soles from before you Shoe Goo'ed these?
  3. Fat Canyoner

    Fat Canyoner T2

    I've got a pair of different Astrals. The rubber is definitely much softer than other canyoning shoes. I can see why they'd be good for paddling, but they are nowhere near as durable as other canyoning shoes.
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  4. Canyonero


    I think 6 canyons is pretty good on a pair of shoes before you start to see significant wear. If I get 30 total canyons out of a pair I consider that a real win. The Colorado Plateau eats gear. If you don't like what you have, try something different next time. If you really get into canyoneering, next time will be a lot sooner than you think. I've been canyoneering since 2010, but much more heavily the last 6 years. I bet I'm on my sixth pair of shoes. Maybe seventh. If it's a long trip, I take a back-up pair. You can make do with just about anything else, but not that.

    You can try returning them, but I wouldn't expect the new pair to last any longer.
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