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News Arches National Park - managing the crowds

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ratagonia, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. ratagonia


    Mount Carmel, Utah
    Yikes! when the crowds get too big, what is the Park to do? Some of the same questions apply to Zion, and other NPs...

    ARCHES NATIONAL PARK — A chaotic and dangerous traffic mess on Memorial Day weekend that forced an unprecedented temporary closure of Arches National Park has lit a fire under a big controversy: Should tourists be required to have a reservation before they can enter the national park?

    The park's superintendent — concerned about a recent explosion of tourist visitation — has already won approval to begin charging higher entrance fees at peak times. Her proposal to initiate a reservation system, though, is drawing fierce opposition from the business community in Moab.

    The brewing dispute over the future of the park— which seems to have been newly discovered by hundreds of thousands of tourists — seems to reflect a deep philosophical divide. On the one hand, local business interests argue that even larger crowds can be accommodated through a series of management and construction strategies. On the other hand, many park lovers would like to limit or redirect the growing visitation in order to protect the park's natural resources and the quality of the "visitor experience."

    More, much more at KSL
  2. Scott Patterson

    Scott Patterson

    We drove through Moab to get to Cedar Mesa the Friday before Memorial Day and it was a traffic jam going through Moab.

    What's weird was Cedar Mesa was surprisingly empty. We didn't go somewhere unknown either; we went to Grand Gulch.

    Anyway, I think one reason Moab was so crowded is that some of the normal weekend hot spots were closed because of rain or snow (especially in places like Colorado), so many people went to Moab.
  3. Mike Zampino

    Mike Zampino Canyon season never ends.

    Phoenix, AZ
    We were in Yosemite over memorial day. Similar situation occured there on Sunday afternoon. The officer was turning people away and telling them to try back in a few hours as there was not any parking available within the valley. Luckily as a climber we got an early start and only saw 2 others the while out on our outing.

    I have mixed feelings about needing a reservation. Perhaps having a reservation that gurantees access, but also allowing drive up entry until the park is full would be a comprimise. I think I would rather see them increase the fees on holiday weekends first.
  4. Deagol

    Deagol too many hobbies

    ironic that they advertise to get too many visitors with billboards and print adds... I wonder what people think about when things get crowded and ever more people live in the region and travel to it every year..

    Edit: the business owners seem to believe the parks exist for the sole purpose of making them money
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  5. Kuenn


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