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Anyone Been to Cheesebox Recently?

Discussion in 'Archives - Yahoo Canyons Group' started by Kerry, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Kerry

    Kerry Guest

    I know that warm weather is upon us, but next Monday is the time set aside to do Cheesebox. Has anyone been in there recently? Was wondering if a wetsuit is necessary. Also wondered if we get to cool off with some swimming. Also heading on to do some Anasazi exploration further south in the area, ie Grand Gulch among others. Thanks for the info.
  2. matt

    matt Guest

    I was in the East Fork about two weeks ago. It had a lot of cold water, and some pretty long swims and wades. I had a 4/5 full length wetsuit and was a little toasty. i'm sure a shorty would be just right, there are places to warm up in the sun if you get chilly. I'm sure you'd survive without a wetsuit, it just wouldn't be fun.
  3. Hi,

    We descended the West Fork of Cheesebox on Friday, June 1. It took our party of three about 6.5 hours to do the canyon + 45 minutes for me to jog back up to the start car and drive back down. Not a super fast pace (but you could go slower).

    We found moderate amounts of water in the potholes but the swimmers were there and cold. The water was pretty decent quality (not stinky) and we enjoyed the swims but they were very cold. I wore a farmer john and was ok. The gal with us (gets cold very easily) wore a farmer john and a 2mm neo top. She was ok. If I was packing again, I'd take my 2mm top and leave the farmer john (I don't mind cold legs and don't like cold shoulders) but that solution wouldn't be for everyone. No neo would be pretty cold I think but it is so person dependent. I don't get cold easily and could probably have made it without the neo but might not have enjoyed the swimming sections. I went without it on the final swimming slot and was ok. That swimmer was mostly a chest deep wader for me (6'3"). Don't leave the neo if you get cold easily or you are going to be a slow, big group etc. We didn't see anyone else.

    A few other comments which may be useful if you haven't been there before etc:

    The road: I'd say the road is now high clearance 2WD. My subaru outback sport (6.25-6.5" clearance) got banged up climbing out of white canyon. I have middle of the road 4wd driving skills. I had to do some rock work to get back down on the way out. I wouldn't take a real passenger car up it. Minivan might be ok. Also, I ended up jogging back to get the start car instead of driving the subaru up for the same reason. It is a nice 30 minute jog if you are into that sort of thing. My brother's Honda Element which has maybe 0.75" more clearance was better off.

    The start of the canyon: We skirted pretty high and around at the start. If I had a skilled group and time, I'd be tempted to rap in at the to of the canyon but I have no idea what is in the slot between the skirt around and the probable spot for a rap in but it did look like we bypassed some fun. Possible potholes?

    The camping: We had been at robbers roost for 1/2 a week before going to Cheesebox. No bugs at Robbers at all (plenty of snakes though). We camped at the lower car spot at Cheesebox (not the greatest spot for a big group as it isn't that impacted yet, ok for a few people...big groups would be better off at the camp spots by white canyon at the bottom?) and got seriously chewed up by mosquitos and gnats. If I was doing it again and had a screened tent kitchen thing, I'd take it. Or *ugh* bug spray.

    Fry Canyon Lodge: Closed. Don't know when that happened but no longer a source for ice, etc. I guess Hite is the nearest spot for ice but doesn't have much stuff or late hours.

    I think you go by the wolfman panel (168 and butler wash road?) on the way to Grand Gulch (depends on the start?). My brother stopped there and said it was worth the stop if you like art panels.

    Have a great trip. Hope that helps. Feel free to write directly with questions, I read the group only loosely.


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