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Anybody wanna help carry rope through the GFC for 6 days?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mike Rogers, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. Mike Rogers

    Mike Rogers

    A couple of us will be spending about 6 days looping through some dandy slots in the Kanab Creek complex of the Grand Canyon mid-April.

    We're down a couple of our normal load-sharing companions, and we'd consider adding a couple folks to share the load.

    The trip: Long days, up to 12 hours of walking (or less, as we see fit) at a moderately fast pace. (Down from the normally fast pace because I'm feeling a bit slow this Spring.) Steep, loose decents. A lotta cold water. A week's worth of gear and food. About 250' of 8mm rope plus pull cord, and a decent amount of anchor material--so some descent drops on skinny ropes and alotta weight.

    Us: Old. Smelly, increasingly as the trip goes on. Terrible jokes. Occasionally foul mouths. Familiarity with the exit (via Scotty's Hollow), but not with the planned way in (Kanab Zero). Bob talks about the river too much. I have nothing interesting to say, but that doesn't prevent me from saying it.

    If you're interested, and compatible with the above, message me.
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