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An assortment of Zion canyons

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by knott3d, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. knott3d


    Was in Zion Oct 9th-14th. Did a handful of "less popular" canyons and figured I would give conditions, etc.

    Keep in mind it had just rained A LOT the few weeks prior to my trip.

    Pipe Spring - Almost completely small pool that was avoidable. All anchors/webbing in good condition. The Pipe Spring was not capped. Or if it was the cap was removed because water was flowing out. I have read reports that this water is not longer safe to drink and the pipe was capped at one point so I dont know what is going on there.

    Not Imlay - small trickle down the water course through the entire canyon, however all water was avoidable until the last rap into the narrows. Doesn't really hold water much. All anchors/webbing in good condition. Both the first and last raps had the webbing extended well making all raps less than 300' and all pulls easy.

    Lodge - This one was quite full of water and had unavoidable water up to the knees in a couple spots. All webbing/anchors in good condition. The webbing for the 2nd to last rap which I can see how it could easily be a rope sticker was extended well making the pull easy but a lot of care had to be taken getting on rappel because it is extended over the edge about a foot. Amazing final rap on this one.

    Checked out the top of observation Point canyon and we were going to drop in but changed our minds after getting there...I wasn't feeling the best and didn't want to make any mistakes. Gotta know when to postpone a canyon. However I did check out the first rap and the webbing looked pretty new and in good shape.

    Rock - The first 2 potholes were filled but only about shin deep. Other than that there were a few pools but able to avoid them. All anchors and webbing were in good shape and all single bolts are now backed up by a second bolt. The 110' rap into the alcove is amazing!

    Thats it....nothing crazy and everything went smooth. Hopefully this helps anyone thinking about doing any of these canyons. Would highly recommend all of them!
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