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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jenny, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. Jenny


    There’s a lot to report in this month’s American Canyoneers’ Newsletter.
    • Call to Action for a new canyoneering plan in Arches.
    • New Board of Director positions open up in July.
    • Membership numbers are well over 300 now. Are you listed?
    • RIGHT NOW: Rich Rudow is in Grand Canyon doing canyon clean-up with volunteers.
    Read the details and help with the next one.
    • Sponsorship of SAR fundraising and details on donations.
    • A very fun Ram tale (Arent’ they all fun?)

    Wander around the AC webpage. Things are beginning to happen!
    Here’s the link.
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  2. Deagol

    Deagol too many hobbies

    they are talking about the AC's position on paving HITR Road on Bogley right now.
  3. Ram


  4. Brian in SLC

    Brian in SLC Brian in SLC

    Salt Lake City
    Its not really that lively. Shane has some good points.

    And, I'll agree with his point that if the American Canyoneers becomes just another stump for the SUWA perspective, then, you'll loose a few of us as members.

    This anti bolt stuff really gets me too. I'll just take a deep breath...

    I thought the recent bolt removal in Grand Canyon was a good idear, as, the bolts were way to obvious to the casual observer. But, if it were me, I'd have pulled them and patched them without all the hoo ha. Getting a land manager involved in such things can be a sticky wicket, to be sure. And, if the person that placed them doesn't get the message (who ever they are), then a bolt war isn't going to help anyone out either.

    Canyon clean ups in my mind should focus more on picking up garbage, removing graffitti, trying to mitigate trail erosion, reducing rope grooves. But, to have the American Canyoneers be percieved as the bolt chopping arm of the land manager, well, that doesn't sit well with me.

    Anyhow, go back to your rock stacks and buried deadman...but, let's at least quit calling that stuff "natural anchoring". 'Cause, anytime you "construct" an anchor, it ain't "natural".

    (So says the guy who belayed off a knot chock last weekend...).

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  5. Ram



    Thanks Brian
    We notified the members and the public about a base line study that they could participate in. This was a time sensitive, as openings were limited and closing quickly. Several members of the community, representing different views got to or are going to participate in the study.

    It was never about BoD members personal beliefs, no matter how much some wish to frame it that way. We were genuine in our belief that Garfield County was considering another fait accompli, like they have in the past, when they arbitrarily paved the Burr Trail. The county legally should get the proper studies and make decisions in concert with the BLM, not act on its own again. I see the reduction of canyoneering access as a consequence of easier road access.

    Far from it being a pave or not pave issue, it was seen as an access issue. Right now there are backpackers, canyoneers, LDS historical tourists and the Devils Garden and/or Spooky Peek-a-boo family crowd down there. We have our way now. We really do. Self serve permit sign ins at trail heads. It will never get any better than that access wise. Pave it and I believe that will go away fast. REAL fast. If they build it, they will come and then we will have to wait in lines of some kind or be limited in when and where we can go. Isn't it worth a bumpy ride to avoid that? Sometimes less is more.
  6. Scott Patterson

    Scott Patterson

    Ram, so anyone doesn't misunderstand it should be put on the site that it's 16.5 miles of the HITRR proposed to be paved, rather than the entire road.

    Many of us (myself included) were confused about this before Tom said something.
  7. Rich Rudow

    Rich Rudow

    Hi Scott, Garfield County is asking the Fed's for $15 million to improve the 16 miles of road inside Garfield County, but they are on the record with aspirations to pave the whole thing for tourism.

    Garfield County commissioner Leland Pollock would like many more people to see that, whether it’s on an improved gravel road or eventually, if drivers could reach it on blacktop.
    “If you paved the road for 60 miles, you would have an influx of all types of tourism," Pollock says. "Most of the people that enter Garfield County now are foreigners from other countries, and they rent a vehicle, and on their contract it says they will be fined so much money if they go on a non-pavement road."
    Unfortunately, no study of the impacts of such improvements was commissioned before going for the current Federal funding request. Practical issues might stop the next 40+ miles from getting improved (money, Kane Cty, etc.), but it seems likely they would do it if they could as evidenced by past actions paving Burr Trail.
    full article here:
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