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A guess on the Black Hole....was Raving about the FreezeFest

Discussion in 'Archives - Yahoo Canyons Group' started by adkramoo, Jan 10, 2006.

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    --- In Yahoo Canyons Group, "Tom Jones" <ratagoni@x...> wrote:
    all set, for your viewing pressure, urh, pleasure...

    >Surprisingly, The Hole was dryer than expected, and easier. Sigh, even >IF the logs wash out, it might be years before the Hole is restored to >its previous glory. There is substantial sand in some of the former >swimming sections, that would need to be washed out and replaced with >water, for the famous long swims to be restored. (Service project for >the Gods????)

    Of course no one knows and time will tell, but....... There are presently 2 areas in the entire Hole that are sand filled. One normally dry spot is now a swimmer.

    I suspect that conditions, when the logs are finally washed out (and my guess is just a few average to above average floods will do the trick) that the 2 dry area will likely look just like they have for most of the last 50 years...wet. Here is the reasoning behind my guess.

    The White Canyon system is a conveyor belt of gravel. For quite a long time it has moved the small rocks, gravel and adundant petrified wood out to the Colorado River drainage. Sometimes we get a glimse lower, toward the bedrock, when an area is scoured, but it always seems to fill up again to about the same height. The water too seems to stay at the same level. If an area fills with gravel, up to normal water level, then the water is not present at that time. The depth of the water is determined by how high the gravel is below it. The level the water stays at has remained remarkably consistant for the 26 years I have observed it, with a little variable for temporary evaporation between floods. Those 2 spots that are dry, I suspect will be wet as soon as gravel is moved along by a flood. Both sections that are dry now were also dry when we went through on January 1st 2004, the first time after the log jams were establish. Somehow I am guessing that the same forces that filled in these areas, after the jam was deposited played out recently, when the jam at the entry to the Hole, was washed out. It is the only 2 times that I have seen these areas dry. It was wet in between the major events. Guessing it will be so again. Now what caused the Hole to be dry the 50 years, before the late 1950's and was it really? I wish I could live long enough to watcch for a longer time. Wild stuff. Thanx for indulging my speculation. Ram

    PS The first dry spot is right after the entry into the Hole section proper. The Hole section is normally 3 connected swims. The 1st of these sections is dry. The other dry spot is down in the MiniHole, 15 minutes below the Hole where the canyon "S" turns and there is lovely slickrock on the sides of the slot. The new swimmer is 5 minutes above the MiniHole and 5 minutes below the last of the present log jams, which are spread out a bit beyond and past the last of the 3 swimming sections of the Hole proper.
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