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UT: Zion A Backcountry Adventure

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by ratagonia, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. ratagonia


    Mount Carmel, Utah

    The canyon leaned – the left wall slanted at about 45 degrees with a plentitude of ledges, but with fine dust that made the footing insecure. The right wall overhung about five feet away, at least where I chose to work it, 30 feet above the bottom. Hands on the right wall, feet on the left. Some wider and steeper spots spiced things up. Then a wide spot forced us to the bottom. The bottom 15 feet proved especially slippery, polished by waterflow. We ended up in the crease, downsliding polished rock. A bit spooky, but not bad.

    We got a few minutes of walking on the canyon floor, then it started again. We stemmed up. Scurried across. More of the same ish, tighter perhaps… Damn these immature canyons. Dangle pack, pack on one shoulder, dangle pack. An hour and a half of this, then it looked like big air ahead. Perhaps a rappel. I squeezed up and over a narrow spot, then stemmed forward above a 6” wide slot. I could see a rappel was ahead, but it looked like my slot just ended in air. Uh, not looking good… then Cassy found a passage 20 feet below my narrow slot.

    “Do I fit down there?”


    Funny girl. I scurried back and squeezed below a chockstone, yanking my pack behind me. The next chockstone had a sling tossed around it with a ring. Rap #1. We set up a Fiddle, rapped down, tip toeing around a pool; retrieved the rope and pull. 4:30 – half an hour of real daylight left.

    Full Story at the Latest Rave


  2. Kevin


    That looks great!
  3. Kuenn


    Loving those variegating colors!
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