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150 Mile Canyon access

Discussion in 'Arizona' started by Corvallis, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. Corvallis


    I have a permit for 150 Mile Canyon on March 23. (My friends can only go during spring break.) Does anyone know if we have much of a chance on reaching the trailhead or will snow or other road issues block us?

    Any suggestions for a backup plan (<100 foot raps) that still have available permits and late March access?

  2. Scott Patterson

    Scott Patterson

    I don't know of current conditions (it has been a wet winter around there), but I have driven out there in winter with no problems. I'd take a 4wd though. Unless there has been a big storm recently pr while you are out there, late March should be reasonable, but it wouldn't hurt to have a plan b.
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  3. Corvallis


    Thanks. Your response is helpful.
  4. Jenny


    I was recently in the area, driving and biking.

    From June Tank, the ruts can be heinous. Slightly better coming in from the Kanab Point Road, perhaps. Then a deep erosion with needed skill to navigate a short, steep section just prior to the NP boundary. After SB road junction, the road climbs, is rocky and rough on tires. 4wd and clearance plus skill driving should get you there.

    Alternate choice? Consider Cove Canyon with a nasty exit hike up the slide or a fabulous packraft to the diabolical Lava Trail. PM me if you want more.

    You are in for a treat either way, Corvallis.
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  5. deathtointernet


    Here in Saint George it's been storm after storm this February. Parashant put out an alert advising people that the roads are more saturated than they've been in years and most are undrivable. We just got a bunch of snow last night... like here in Saint George, which is pretty crazy. I know the road to Toroweap was sloppy but drivable last week because my mom volunteers out there. I also know from personal experience that the June Tank Road can be a muddy mess that even 4WD won't save you from. I can also give you the name (again from personal experience) of someone who can winch you out of a mudhole for a fee. Ah, what a great trip that was. :thumbsdown: I haven't driven the road to 150 Mile but my understanding is that it is a little better than June Tank. That said, you have enough time for the road to clear up *if* it ever stops raining/snowing. So cross your fingers on that. I wouldn't say it's time to panic yet. I know a few trips heading out to that general area, if not that specific canyon, over the next three weeks and if I hear anything I'll be happy to update this thread.
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