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Twin Corral Box

Robbers Roost beta posted by Jeremy Freeman


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As with all beta, use the information on this page with caution. Obstacles may change or may be dependent on conditions, as well as group skills and comfort levels. Rap counts may increase if downclimbs get rigged as rappels, anchors may get altered or re-rigged, and conditions will vary. Always be prepared for the unexpected (mental, or physical challenges, or gear needs that you did not anticipate), consider your options, and look for the safest alternative for your group to descend the canyon.

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Condition Reports for Twin Corral Box

  1. Rudolf The Red
    May 29, 2019
    Rudolf The Red



    Skill Level:



    Deep (waist to chest)



    Group Size:

    1 people

    Total Time:

    1 hour 3 hours

    I am pretty sure the above trip report is for Alcatraz (what is that...the west fork of TCB?) This report is for the MAIN FORK of TCB.

    After recently moving out to work for the NPS in Canyonland's Maze District, I started doing research and realized the famed "Robbers Roost" area was at my backdoor.

    Hit this Canyon on 5/29/2019. I had heard it was non-technical, so I didnt bring any of my gear. This is in fact true, it is NON TECHNICAL, unless you plan on continuing down-canyon to the Dirty Devil, in which you will hit a 200+ foot huge semi-free-hanging rappel (2 fixed bolts, hangers are loose, I didnt do it) after the end of the slot section when the canyon opens up going towards the NE Fork (Smallcatraz).

    This canyon is a great beginner intro to canyoneering/stemming. Access/camping is at the first drainage you cross after turning off of Hans Flat Road onto Sams Mesa Road, this is the Main fork of TCB. You can bypass the first pour-off if you go to the furthest campsite West, on the North side of the drainage and walk down a small cairned side drainage into the canyon. You will run into 3 beginner/intermediate downclimbs, and the fourth, when I was there, leads you into a large pool, that I had to swim ~10 yards to the other side (I am 6'1"). Probably not like this in the heat of summer. After that, you can meander down canyon a mile or so through some slotted sections, a boulder field, and end up at the big drop. You can either return the way you came, which I did once after a "intro to canyoneering" training with some of my coworkers, or you can exit via a sheep trail going about 300 yards back up canyon from the drop on the right. This will lead you to the rim, which is paralleled by an old road which will lead you back to the parking/camping area.

    This is also a GREAT area to camp to access the NE Fork (Smallcatraz). You could easily do both the Main and NE Fork in a day. Would make for a great 2 day trip to hit Sams Mesa Box the next!

    Posted Jul 8, 2019
  2. Heather Beasley
    March 15, 2015
    Heather Beasley



    Skill Level:



    Shallow (calf deep)


    1-3mm wetsuit

    Group Size:

    4 people

    Total Time:

    1 hour 4 hours

    Pretty good canyon; it was quite pleasant in these early spring temperatures. Our beta came from our well-thumbed Kelsey guidebook, and we wore wetsuits out of concern for a described "swimming pool" and some descriptions of waist-to-chest deep water. Kelsey does say that he did the canyon after a recent flood in his guide. Happily, we found the canyon to be mostly dry. We left from the rim around 10AM or so and did single-strand rappel off the vehicle into the canyon below. We left our first rappel rope and continued down-canyon. The business of the tight slot begins pretty quickly after 1st rappel, however we moved through the slots comfortably in this section. We were all pretty happy we brought small packs. The packs stayed on our harnesses for most of this first section; we did some pack-tradeoffs, down climbing into shallow pools. It was shady and cool, and all of us were comfortable in our wetsuits. We found the canyon to be mostly dry until rappel 2, which we reached in approximately 45minutes to an hour after the first rappel. The second rappel we did single stranded with our 25m rope; webbing was in good shape with a quick link attached. This rappel webbing has been extended around the edge of the keeper pot hole, and the rappel could have been done double stranded with our 25m. The semi-keeper pot hole at rappel 2 was dry, and thus not much of a keeper. We used our headlamps a few times throughout the darkest parts of the slot after rappel 2; you could probably make it without them, but they were sort of psychologically useful as none of us had done this canyon before. Rappel 3 described in Kelsey has been replaced by a hand line; bolt had been chopped here. Hand line was find for down climbing this bit. The narrowest part of the canyon we felt was immediately before the slot ended. At this point, I was able to make it along the canyon floor, but the rest of our party climbed up and stemmed a bit before coming out of the slot.

    Posted Mar 17, 2015
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