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Pandora's Box


There is insufficient beta for this canyon. Help us improve the Betabase... if you have details to contribute, please submit them to and you will be credited.

As with all beta, use the information on this page with caution. Obstacles may change or may be dependent on conditions, as well as group skills and comfort levels. Rap counts may increase if downclimbs get rigged as rappels, anchors may get altered or re-rigged, and conditions will vary. Always be prepared for the unexpected (mental, or physical challenges, or gear needs that you did not anticipate), consider your options, and look for the safest alternative for your group to descend the canyon.

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Condition Reports for Pandora's Box

  1. Austin Farnworth
    October 14, 2017
    Austin Farnworth



    Skill Level:



    Deep (waist to chest)


    Fleece/medium jacket

    Group Size:

    6 people

    Total Time:

    1 hour 10 hours

    We encountered cold water, mostly under knee deep although one part is waist deep if you are not careful to wade on the sides. Anchors are in descend shape and meeks mesa exit is carined well.

    Posted Oct 16, 2017
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