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Escalante beta posted by Jeremy Freeman


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As with all beta, use the information on this page with caution. Obstacles may change or may be dependent on conditions, as well as group skills and comfort levels. Rap counts may increase if downclimbs get rigged as rappels, anchors may get altered or re-rigged, and conditions will vary. Always be prepared for the unexpected (mental, or physical challenges, or gear needs that you did not anticipate), consider your options, and look for the safest alternative for your group to descend the canyon.

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  1. SkiJenks
    October 29, 2017



    Skill Level:



    Swimming required


    1-3mm wetsuit

    Group Size:

    2 people

    Total Time:

    1 hour 9 hours

    Neon is a beautiful and worthy canyon with a breathtaking 83' overhanging repel through an arch. We did Neon canyon in 1 long day, starting at 8am and returning to the truck at 5pm. The trailhead is the Egypt TH, which is 10 miles down a rough dirt road. There were a couple crossover SUVs at the TH and the rest were high clearance 4WD.

    The hike in and out is a bit long- 3 miles in deep sand down to the Escalante River. The Escalante river was about knee deep and easily forded. Once across the Escalante, we climbed up on the shelf on the north side of the canyon and repelled in (approx 40' repel) at the second convenient spot to enter, which is at a wide point in the canyon with a few trees in the bottom. I believe there are more nice slots up canyon from this point, but due to time constraints and route finding issues, we opted for this more conservative choice. There are two keepers to be wary of in this canyon. Both were in non-keeper mode on the day of this trip. The first came right away after hitting the canyon floor. It's a short repel into the keeper and on this day, was easy to escape at the far end. Then some swims, one more short repel, and beautiful slot canyon to the second keeper, which was under 5 feet of water. I never would have noticed it if I hadn't known to look for it. The canyon opens slightly before dropping you into the big repel into the Golden Cathedral. At the time of this trip someone had been through recently, cleaned up all old webbing, and placed new anchors, which were all in good shape. If the webbing for the big repel is degraded on your trip you will need 40 ft of webbing to place a new anchor around the boulder at the top of the repel. The repel makes a slight right curve as you descend and then becomes a tall overhang over a beautiful chest deep pool. We took off our wetsuits, coiled our ropes, and enjoyed warming up in the sun on the sandy beach of this pool before making the slog back up to the truck.

    Posted Nov 5, 2017
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