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Illusions Canyon


There is insufficient beta for this canyon. Help us improve the Betabase... if you have details to contribute, please submit them to and you will be credited.

As with all beta, use the information on this page with caution. Obstacles may change or may be dependent on conditions, as well as group skills and comfort levels. Rap counts may increase if downclimbs get rigged as rappels, anchors may get altered or re-rigged, and conditions will vary. Always be prepared for the unexpected (mental, or physical challenges, or gear needs that you did not anticipate), consider your options, and look for the safest alternative for your group to descend the canyon.

  • The Hype

    Hey folks, This will come in handy as a staging area to organize your gear for a pothole escape. As you know you can't see the pothole from the rappel station so there is a good size pocket where im shooting video from that allows you to assess the water level. You can come off rope at this pocket as it is flat and there is plenty of room to set up your escape gear of choice. It is a great place to snap pictures and video as well.The exposed ledge you see in the video across the pothole is at the same height as the lip you will hook your gear onto at the pothole exit. The water level is only a few inches below that ledge so it's easy to get out of at that level. You can use that ledge as a reference to determine whether you need to break out your escape gear or not. The pothole water level right now is 2 to 3 feet lower than the water flow out level but is right at the lip. Hope this helps.

Condition Reports for Illusions Canyon

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